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A Not So Quick Fix

Bee inlay to hide fir chip-out

Hi everyone!  Today I am trying to right a small (but obvious) mishap that happened while routing out the ledge for some walnut binding on an adorable soprano uke.  I tried to fill the chip-out on the fir but you can see the fix.  Fellow luthiers told me to trash it!  I can’t do that!  I put too much time and effort into this little beauty.  This cute little koa with fir top soprano  just needs a little rescue.  I had designed the uke with a rosette of individual abalone flowers inlaid into the fir.  I decided I really had only two options.  I could reroute out the walnut binding and add an abalone purfling to hide the fir chip-out and then reapply the walnut binding on the top or I could conceal the mishap with an inlay.  I did a nice job of routing out the ledge and gluing the walnut binding and I really did not want to route it all off again so I opted for an inlay.

The only thing that I could think of was to have a couple of bees coming in to pollinate the flowers so that’s what I’m designing.  Here’s a picture of  the bee design I came up with.  I have cut out all the bee pieces, including some glowy green eyes for them.  I’ll have to be extra careful to not sand out the green in them.  The fir top is pretty thin so this will really have to be done with care.  Tomorrow I hope to route out the cavity on the fir top and glue in the pieces.

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  1. Roy Maloon says:

    Wow great idea keep us up to date!

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