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Bee Inlay Finished!

I have finally finished the bee inlay on the soprano fix-it. I am very happy with how they turned out and wish you could see the shell sparkle. The bees eyes turned out really well glowing green! Yes, after inlaying the bee that hides the chip-out, I decided to inlay another bee on the left [...]

A Not So Quick Fix

Hi everyone!  Today I am trying to right a small (but obvious) mishap that happened while routing out the ledge for some walnut binding on an adorable soprano uke.  I tried to fill the chip-out on the fir but you can see the fix.  Fellow luthiers told me to trash it!  I can’t do that!  [...]

Welcome to Anakoneke’s Web Log

I will be posting all sorts of information regarding my craft here. If you are a fellow enthusiast, musician, craftsman, or customer, please feel free to drop in and see what I am up to. I will be posting blogs in the following categories: Working with Wood: find out how I select and process wood [...]