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#047 Sycamore Tenor - $1,350

This domestic wood, mainly from the eastern United States, has a very undomesticated look to it. Like a Cheetah, it is ready to pounce! Because of its “wild” looking nature, I paired it with Snakewood top bindings. Snakewood is so called for its characteristic snakeskin patterns. Then trying to tame the wild, I then proceeded to add a very nice clear Spruce soundboard and added a quilted Maple rosette, just because of it’s undulating figure and color which complements the Sycamore nicely. Honduran hand-carved neck and matching Sycamore head plate with Pegheds 4-1 tuners, bone nut and saddle and you’re all set for an amazing adventure!

A Wild Child with captivating looks and alluring voice!

#028 Koa Tenor- $1,275

This beautiful set of Koa needed an equally beautiful rosette. This Jade recon-stone with real brass outlines fits the bill very nicely. I used matching Jade position dots with a Rosewood fretboard and bridge, Honduras Mahogany hand-carved neck, Peghed 4-1 tuners, bone nut and saddle and there you go. A gorgeous deep tenor you’ll love to show off to your all uke-ster friends.

Deep-bodied Tenor with a seducing voice!

#025 African Padauk Tenor - $1150

African Padauk is a bright orange-colored wood that gradually turns darker as it ages. This Tenor has reached its lovely mature age with a beautiful warm darker red/orange with a captivating voice to match. I have paired the Padauk with a very nice Western Red Cedar for the top. Honduran Mahogany hand-carved neck and rounded off with a Flamewood rosette and headplate. Macassar Ebony fretboard and bridge, black Ebony top bindings, Peghed geared-tuners and bone nut and saddle. I have added a side sound-port for your listening pleasure. This stunning Tenor will be an exquisite addition to your uke collection. As always, signed and dated by the artist.

Side-Soundport for your listening pleasure!!

#039 Canarywood Concert - $950

Canarywood is a beautiful wood from South America and its orange-ish color sports little streaks of red, brown, and green. It is paired with a nicely figured Spruce top with Bloodwood bindings and headplate that bring out the red accents in the Canarywood. Rosewood fretboard and bridge, Peghed geared tuners, a hand-carved Honduran Mahogany neck, and bone nut and saddle round it all off. Its compound front and back curves make for the best sound and sustain.

A little Canary that sings with a bright voice!!

#041 Chocolate Mango Soprano - $725

This little Chocolate Mango uke is so scrumptious you’re going to want to eat it! Exquisite book-matched back and front that will be hard to find elsewhere. I’ve paired this with a captivating Lacewood rosette and matching Lacewood headplate and heel cap. Macassar Ebony fretboard, Honduran Mahogany hand-carved neck, Tulipwood bridge and Peghed geared tuners. Bone nut and saddle and low action. As always built with front and back compound curves to get the best sound attainable. A very loud voice for such a small instrument.

Exquisite Chocolate-y Goodness !!!

#015 Anakoneke Koa Soprano

A little beauty with 4A Koa back and sides and a Cedar soundboard which supplies plenty of volume and sustain. A hand–carved Honduran Mahogany neck fitted with Peghed tuners on a matching Koa headplate veneer, Macassar Ebony striped fretboard, Gabon Ebony tie-on bridge, faux tortoise shell rosette and decorative honey-colored recon stone mustache at lower bout. Bound around the top with Macassar Ebony binding. Strung with Worth Clears. Nut width: just a tad under 1-1/2" at 37.5 mm. As always, signed by the artist.

A small body with a BIG voice!

#017 Anakoneke Ceylon Satinwood Concert

A good friend of mine who builds Flamingo and Classical guitars turned me on to this amazing wood. The pictures do not do it justice. As you tilt this uke back and forth you can see the medullary rays waver like a 3-D hologram. I paired this lovely golden wood with an Alaskan yellow cedar top that compliments it perfectly. I decided to give it a dramatic look with all other accouterments and so went dark with a Mun Ebony rosette and end graft with striped Macassar Ebony bindings, fretboard, headplate, bridge, and heel cap to round it all out.

Rings out with a bright, responsive voice! Listen Here

#022 Anakoneke Curly Mango Soprano

Like her big brother #021, this little soprano is pretty much the exact replica of him but in a smaller size. The wood comes from the same tree and dressed with the same appointments except I wanted to give her something to call her own. The Indian Rosewood bridge is a little different shape than her brothers. Same warm tones with a loud sisterly voice that says "don't look at him, look at me!"

She says loudly, "Look at me, look at me!" Listen Here

#021 Anakoneke Curly Mango Concert

This handsome Concert has a curly Mango body with a matching Mango peghead veneer and an Anakoneke gold "mother of pearl" logo. The curly Mahogany bindings are the perfect color match to the Mango. The hand-carved Honduran Mahogany neck is equipped with Peghed 4:1 tuners. It sports a striped Macassar Ebony fretboard with 16 frets. Bird's Eye Maple rosette and now includes some luscious jewelry in the form of two high-end Ebony with MOP dot strap buttons. Fremont Blackline strings adorn the "through-the-top" Indian Rosewood bridge. Bone nut and saddle. Includes a hard black case. Signed by the artist.

Loud with excellent sustain and a Goldilocks "just right" tone. Listen Here

#026 Chocolate Mango Concert

Dark chocolate anyone? Chocolate Mango that is! This lovely uke stands out above the crowd with its intricate curly figure. Check out my gallery to see the back of this lovely uke. This wood is so nice I had to give it a nice French Polish finish and like the vintage violins of the past the voice of this one will just get better and better! I don't have to say too much about this gorgeous ukulele, its just plain lovely!

Dripping with rich warm tones of chocolate-y goodness!

#031 Anakoneke Pomelle Sapele Soprano

This little beauty shows off its Pomelle Sapele back and sides with a Douglas Fir top. A Koa rosette outlined in black encircles its sound hole and comes with an Indian Rosewood fretboard, hand-carved Honduran Mahogany neck, strung through-the-top Pink Ivory bridge with Peghead tuners and a bone nut and saddle. Strung with Worth Clears. As always, Anakoneke designs top and back plates with compound curves for volume and sustain. Peghead veneer of the same Pomelle Sapele as back and sides with Anakoneke inlaid abalone logo. Signed by the artist.

A beautiful little uke you're sure to enjoy!

#012 Mahogany/Bloodwood Concert

Beautifully detailed Mahogany Concert with a Bear-claw figured Douglas Fir top. Trimmed with a Bloodwood fretboard and top/back bindings, Koa and Bloodwood detailing at headstock and end-graft with a concentric Koa rosette. Bone nut and saddle with a stylish Pink Ivory wood "though the top" bridge compliment this lovely Concert. Hand-carved Honduran Mahogany neck with Fremont Blackline strings and equipped with Peghed 4:1 geared tuners. Includes a hard black case. Signed by the artist.

This Douglas Fir top produces rich, full tones with resonance, resonance, resonance!

#008 Zebrawood with Koa Concert

Salvage vertical-grained fir top, Zebrawood back and sides, Honduras Mahogany neck, Ziricote top and back bindings, Macassar Ebony fretboard, bridge and heel cap. Koa rosette with black-white-black edging, Peghed 4:1 geared tuners, Mother-of-pearl fret markers at 3, 5, 7, 10 and 12th frets, Art deco-ish headplate with Koa-Zebrawood and matching endplate. 15 frets with 12th fret connection. Hand-rubbed oil finish. Strung with hard Fremont Black lines. Anakoneke inlay logo on headplate and signed by the artist. Includes a hard black case.

This fir top delivers clear loud notes with a great sound and pleasing resonance!

#009 "Little Bee" Soprano

Salvage vertical-grained fir top, AAA Koa back and sides, Honduras Mahogany neck, top and back walnut binding, Macassar Ebony fretboard, headplate, bridge and heel cap. Hand-cut inlay flower rosette and bees. Peghed 4:1 tuners, Paua shell fretmarker dots at 3, 5, 10, and 12th frets with Paua shell flower at 7th fret, Corian nut and saddle, Anakoneke inlay logo on headplate. Hand-rubbed oil finish. Strung with Fremont clears. Comes with a hard tweed case. Signed by the artist.

This "Little Bee" is quite loud for its size with warm honey-dipped notes and long sustain.

#011 Spalted Koa Concert

Spalted Koa top, back and sides, Honduras Mahogany neck, Ziricote top and back bindings, Macassar Ebony fretboard and bridge, Gabon Ebony heel cap, and Abalone shell rosette with faux tourtoise shell edging, Peghed 4:1 geared tuners, Paua shell fret markers at 3, 5, 7, 10 and 12th frets, 16 frets with connection at 12th. Strung with medium Fremont Black lines. Hand-rubbed oil finish. Anakoneke inlay logo on headplate. Signed by the artist. Includes a hard black case.

Well, balanced with clear distinctive notes defines this splendid Spalted Koa concert.

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