About the Artist.

Anakoneke (Antonette in Hawaiian) is an emerging luthier making waves in ukulele enthusiast circles for her elaborate, decorative inlay and creative custom designs. Passions for art, music, and nature all motivate the content and quality of her carefully crafted instruments; they are approached individually as one might approach the engineering of a bridge or the crafting of a public sculpture.

For Antonette, building a stringed instrument fulfills a latent dream that had been simmering for decades. The seed was planted in the late 70's when she saw a gorgeous handmade dulcimer hanging on the wall of the now famous McCabe's guitar shop in Santa Monica. In 2004 the dream was finally realized "with falling tears" as she applied a hand drawn label to her first ukulele: it was an authentic Hawaiian ukulele created under the instruction of the Hana Lima 'Ia Ukulele building class with artist Michael Chock. "Attaching that label," Antonette recalls, "was a symbol of finally accomplishing what I had dreamed about for so long."

Antonette has since embraced the craft and the new identity, selling her instruments under the Hawaiian name Anakoneke. She has been aided in her pursuit by Master Luthier Michael DaSilva and Master Inlay Artist Larry Robinson who were both "supportive gentlemen and personal heroes." By focusing her artistic skills and her attention to detail on this rich, nuanced craft, she has evolved quickly; paying homage to its culture, promoting its trade, and subtly impelling it to grow.

"The journey has come full circle in many ways," Anakoneke reflects. "You can imagine the shock when a distant cousin told me that my grandmother was born in Hawaii of Portuguese parents. You can also imagine my surprise when I discovered that as a baby I lived right across the street from McCabes guitar shop!"

Anakoneke now lives and works in San Francisco, California making fun, functional and inspirational artwork.

Hana Lima 'Ia Ukulele Building Class

Ukes by Michael DaSilva

Inlay by Larry Robinson

Antonette Marie Maloon
Luthier and Inlay artist.

"Anakoneke's Ukes"

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