Custom handmade ukuleles built one at a time.

Made the way they should be.
Composed using only the finest material, each ukulele is created using traditional and time-honored methods of construction.  Anakoneke ukuleles are abhorent of mass production and created using hand-tools in the old world fashion; they are truely musical works of art.

Perfection in the process.
Each ukulele is designed individually. The design process starts with a single piece of wood where the colors, textures, and patterns all recommend how they may best be utilized. Blonde Koa may prefer to mingle with mother of pearl or Zebrawood may encourage some tribal ormentation. Beauty and functionality are inseparable features of every Anakoneke Uke. Neck wood is chosen to encourage both aesthetics and durability. The front, back, and sides are thinned according to the tonality of a particular wood for optimal sound and volume . As with all great works of art, the process evolves organically and the uke is eventually born out through a series of meticulous steps taken as sensitive responses to the particularities of each project. Your custom design can be the product of a liberal amount of artistic licensing or built to spec. Each piece is delivered with pride only after being tested, signed and dated.

Latest projects.
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Original Designs


Antonette Marie Maloon is a skilled luthier and inlay artist who has a flare for originality and a knack for integrating themes into custom design.

Quality Materials


Anakoneke Ukes are constructed from hand picked woods selected for durability sound and beauty. You can pick out your own wood.

Superior Sound


An Uke's sound can vary in quality depending on wood and construction techniques. Anakoneke's ukes are built for sound as well as style.